Send your abstract (300 words) and a short bio (100 words) by April 15th to Selected participants will be notified by the end of April. They are expected to send a draft of their paper by June 15th (6000 words max) laying out their main ideas.

We welcome papers which adopt an interdisciplinary perspective on the following themes:

Transnational households regulation

Transnational processes including immigration, the constitution of transnational networks and epistemic communities, and the reconfiguration of economic arrangements have greatly affected the ways in which we think about and study households regulation. This panel will explore how family law, marriage or filiation relate to marginalization, exclusion and inequalities in the economic and cultural spheres. We are interested in a variety of topics including:  the management of cultural diversity in Europe, the regulation of non-traditional households including LGBTQ families and the ways in which family is connected to global markets.

Social justice & labour arrangements: regulatory evolutions and impasses

The modern workplace is regulated by an increasing variety of regimes, including state law, collective bargaining, supra-national (e.g. European and international) labour and human rights law, private norms etc., which sometimes complement and sometimes clash with each other. Against this backdrop, we wish to explore how the various legal regimes and activities of transnational actors establish, entrench and contest inequalities between local, regional and global centres and peripheries. More specifically, we are interested in the relationship between the law and the phenomena of deregulation and social dumping.

The modern consumer

This stream examines new ways of thinking about legal arrangements regulating how we consume and what we consume. We wish to explore the interactions between transnational contract, tort and consumer protection laws, but also the ways in which multinational corporations, industrial standard setters, NGOs and other non-state actors affect global consumption. We are particularly interested in the objectives of consumer protection laws and the visions of the modern consumer and consumption that inform legal arrangements.

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